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It has Convenient transportation ,in the west side ,it is City Plaza,in the north side ,it is B block neighborhood center garden square,;the city landscape is beautiful and comfortable;In the north side ,there are mature commercial facilities surrounded you ,and it is both with the Pearl River Metro future five-star hotel and other high-end business services supporting facilities,this project is especially outstanding as“gateway landmark”。

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Company name :Guangdong Happy Fox underwear design Co., Ltd.

Contact line :400-996-3568

Service number:020-2819 2627

020-2907 7137 020-2984 0591 020-2905 3615 020-2981 7159 020-2904 8959

020-2984 1329 020-2984 0571 020-2905 3592 020-2981 7290 020-2905 3902

Company address: No. 76 West Whampoa Road ,R & F building, Tian he district ,Guangzhou

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