Happy Fox



Happy Fox is a comprehensive company including R&D design, marketing and other modern enterprise management frameworks. As a industry leader, our company is working to promote the development of Big Health Industry. We have numerous independent brands and products such as Happy Fox, XFHL, 0.18 Socks, LeSanLi, Romantic Waves, Honeymoon Temperature, Lighthin APP and Guo Ren Tang. Our life-long mission is to build a national one-hundred-year-old enterprise and brand, continuously creating better products and services for global consumers.




On December 1, 2016, 2016 International Forum on City Happiness and Sustainability in China was co-held in Beijing by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Xinhua News Agency and Oriental Outlook Weekly。 Happy Century Group was honored to be invited to attend this grand meeting as a partner。 ————Company News




Happy Fox is committed to building a new ecology of Big Health market with great love, delivering healthy lifestyle to tens of millions of families. To realize this dream, our company did great research into the Big Health Industry. We reached a strategic partnership with industry giants including Beijing Tongrentang Xing'anmeng Traditional Chinese Medicinal Materials Co.,Ltd. (北京同仁堂兴安盟中药材) , For You(富迪健康科技), Dongguan think Long Food Co., Ltd.(东莞思朗食品) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China, jointly doing intensive research into health fields of food, medicine, underwear, skin care products, cosmetics, private care, etc. With great effort, we have produced many high-tech health products beneficial to millions of families. We will continue to pass health and love to others.

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